AWS Series: Creating an S3 Bucket


1 min read

Ah, the notorious S3 bucket. There's a ton of content on doing this, but here's some quick instructions on creating a general S3 bucket. In the next article, we'll create a IAM user to access that bucket.


  1. Assuming you have a AWS account and access to the Management Console, type S3 in the search bar

  2. Click "Create Bucket". We're using a general purpose bucket for our example

  3. Give your bucket a unique name. Feel free to read up on the various config options like ACLs, encryption, versioning, but we can leave everything default for now

  4. Hit "create bucket" and the S3 bucket will be created within a few seconds

  5. Voila. You're not a Cloud expert. Go and conquer the world! But actually, read how to assign permissions to the bucket below

Assigning Permission to S3: LINK